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7 Sweet Alternatives To Lent Chocolate

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This year, Lent began on the 1st March and ends April 14th. One of the most popular things to give up for Lent is chocolate, and we’re sure that a lot of people reading this article have already made that promise to themselves. We associate chocolate with unhealthy eating because of how much fat and sugar it tends to contain. However, there is a slight problem with giving it up cold turkey even for a month. You might occasionally feel as though you love chocolate and that’s probably closer to the truth than you think. Chocolate contains the same endorphins that causes the feelings of love. So, it’s possible that giving it up is going to be a lot harder than you think. 

That’s why you might want to replace it with some other sweet treats that are completely guilt-free. We’ve got a whole list of possibilities for you to consider here and we’re sure you’re going to love some of these alternatives to chocolate.



If you’re partial to hard, chewy chocolate, you might want to try replacing it with liquorice for a month. Liquorice has a leathery, hard feeling, somewhat similar to brands of dark chocolate. If you have never had liquorice, it tastes a little like a sweet root or plant. It’s certainly an acquired taste but one that might pleasantly surprise you. You can think about dipping it in sherbet or sugar as well. Although, if you’re aiming for snacks lower in sugar, this probably isn’t going to help matters. You’ll also have to watch out chewing it because it can break your teeth; it’s that hard.



If you want something delicious that is quite similar to chocolate, you might want to try some coconut. Coconut has a sweet, sour taste and is often found in chocolate bars. So, at least you’ll have part of your favorite snack. You’ll just have to be careful that you don’t actually cheat and end up chewing on a Bounty over Lent. There are some wonderful recipes for crunchy crispy coconut treats that don’t require any chocolate at all. This might satisfy your craving for something sweet and tasty.


Go Old School  

Alternatively, you may wish to satisfy your sweet tooth by getting some sweets from your past. You can still buy retro sweets on the market today from jar breakers to fruit salads and flying saucers. Be aware, though, that older sweets often have incredibly high levels of sugar. There was never a demand that they should be regulated or healthy. So, by bringing these back into your life, you certainly won’t be doing your diet any wonders over Lent.


White Chocolate 

This might seem like a cheat but believe it or not, white chocolate - despite the name - is not actually considered chocolate. The main reason for this is that it doesn’t contain any cocoa powder. As such, you could technically give up chocolate through Lent and still eat the white variety. It does depend whether you like white chocolate of course. It has a far more milky, plain taste and you might miss the cocoa.



You might never have heard of carob, but if you’re looking to be good this Lent it’s the perfect alternative to chocolate. Carob is a pod plant that contains a sweet pulp that can be grinded down to resemble cocoa powder. One tablespoon of this sweet pulp is just twenty-five calories and contains none of the fat you’ll find in chocolate. People who eat carob claim it tastes a little like chocolate mixed with pineapple so it might just satisfy your craving for a month. We doubt you’ll find it works as a long-term replacement for chocolate, though.



Or, perhaps you love chocolate because of the sweet taste that kicks in. This is particularly true with traditional American brands. Well, you can get a sweet taste from eating fruit such as pineapple, grapes, melon and banana. Yes, they don’t taste anything like chocolate, but they still might do the trick when you’re looking for a sweet snack in the middle of the day. Just try to forget that most of these fruits actually work wonderfully with some melted chocolate on top.



Are you used to having chocolate in your cereal for breakfast or a bar for lunch? Instead, why not cook yourself some wonderful, sweet, crunchy waffles. That’s certain to satisfy your sweet tooth and ensure you get a tasty treat. You can either buy them straight from the store or look up some great recipes online.

When Lent ends, we’re sure it will have been a long and difficult road to give up chocolate. So, why not treat yourself with one of our chocolate bouquets. It’s the perfect way to give yourself a little pat on the back with a chocolatey treat you’ve been dying to eat.

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